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PostSubject: AION/EVE/MMO's?   AION/EVE/MMO's? EmptyWed Aug 19, 2009 8:43 am

I know this should go into the game section but w/e ....xD if you bitch enough I'll move it lol.

anyways, Next month this game finally launches and I wanted to know if anyone else is going to play it at all? Because my friends and I are all going to be playing it and thats like 8people..and we going to start a guild and become the strongest !!!..By the way when that game launches you might not see me for a few days to a few weeks xD...so I'll appoint somone to cover me job for that time lol...

Aiononline.com thats the website..


Also Another game I play is Eve-Online, which has just recently announced their next game project which will blow the competition like WoW, and pretty much every MMO out of the water because well it's just straight up impressive.

They are making a console game for the xbox/ps3 which will be connected to the Eve universe.

And this game will be a FPSMMO and the point of this one will be built around conquering planets in the eve-Universe.

On Eve-Online, in order to gain control of solar systems, and constellations, you have to have like POS (player own Stations). Well with this game release you'll have to alsp take planets. And the only way to take planets is by playing this game xD.

When I read that little article I litteraly jizzed myself lol..2 games connected to the same server. And to give you a idea of how big eve is...Lets take WoW. Alot of you have played it. WoW has how many zones 60 eve has like 400 or more Im just guessing..But each solar system has like 4planets to 12 or more...This game going to be huge..and awesome I mean comon a First person Shooter, built around conquering planets inorder to take control of solar systems, it would be the first game ever that has 1 connecting server, that has 2 games connected to it doing 2 different things but both affect the economy and control of the galaxy.


xD...I'm just a little excited espically with the launch of walking on stations which will be the first step to being able to walk on planets..I'm also excited because it's a FPS and I love FPS and so I'll probably install unreal tourny, and quake 4 so I can rust off my Skills though its console so like I'm not really worried because well it's just 2 ltitle joysticks =( I wanted mouse *tear*...

Anyways we all know that when your reading this your like omg..Thats so awesome...but WoW still better and I have to say STFU WoW SUCKS! lol..no seriously WoW players = Carebear mmo newbies. Eve = Intelligent people xD
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PostSubject: Re: AION/EVE/MMO's?   AION/EVE/MMO's? EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 9:04 am

WOW does not suck if you are in an end game guild with restrictions to only having 18+ year old in it. Its challenging, and worth playing. If you can make it to the end game things. But I can only speak for BC wow...I quit after that.

I have played Warhammer and a few others. Each of them has an aspect another does not. So each deserves respect in its own element. I may try eve out though if you highly reccomend it.

However I like PVP, end game challenging Boss instances, and people who won't make me fly to there home town and put a shot gun in their throaght and tell them to apologize lol.
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