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 Quiz Anyone?

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Quiz Anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Quiz Anyone?   Quiz Anyone? EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 8:20 am

Okay, here is a quiz I made my self...I made it really late at night so it prolly sucks. I can't remember it all too well but here it is. Others may post there own quiz up if they would like also.

Okay, this quiz is still kinda on-going.

Best way to awnser would be like this.

1) A
2) B
3) C

Okay here is my wierd quiz that I can't remeber making...

-Awnser Each Question Honestly Please-

- Question One -

We are under attack, we are out numbered, and there is no escape rout.
What do you do?

A) Lay down your weapon and surrender.
B) Fight to the death.
C) Look for the capitan and await orders, while defending your-self if need be.
D) Try and escape.
E) Try and get a band together to charge the enemy and break their ranks.

- Question Two -

You have just found a mountain of treasure hidden in a nearby cave.
What do you do?

A) Inform the capitan, and ask for a finders fee.
B) Leave it be and return to camp.
C) Leave it be and return to camp to gather men you can trust.
D) Move it to a diffrent hiding place where one day you can return to retrieve it.
E) Inform the capitan.
F) Stash some away and then inform the group of your discovery.

- Question Three -

Your capitan goes into a town to scout it out, after 3 days and nights he does
not return.
What do you do?

A) Get a band of men together to head into the town to retrieve the capitan.
B) Leave him behind, its his own fault for not returning.
C) Send in more scouts to try and better understand the situation.
D) Charge the town torching and burning as you attack.
E) Wait 1 more day, before getting a sizable band to check the town out.
F) Cut your losses and abandon the band.

- Question Four -

Your in charge of a shipment, your reach your destination with the package in tact.
However, the recipiant tries to haggle down the price with you.
What do you do?

A) Bargain with him, but don't let him drop the price too low.
B) Leave him and sell the package to the next person who offers a resonable price.
C) Threaten him.
D) Tell him that the price is not nagotiatable.
E) Sell him the package for what ever he asks, when you return to camp tell a story
of how you were ambushed and the package was stolen.
F) Kill him and keep the package for your self.

- Question Five -

In the midst of a battle a comrade is injured and dieing, another comrade is doing
battle out numbered, and another comrade is signaling the retreat.
What do you do?

A) Help the injured man retreat.
B) Apply first aid imediatily to the injured comrade.
C) Rush to aid your comrade in battle before he is over taken.
D) Run like the wind, after all the retreat signal was called.
E) Fight on, never giving ground.
F) Aid your comrade in battle, after vanquishing the enemies retreat.
G) Run to get reinforcments.

- Question Six -

You are at a pub and a drunken man starts causing trouble with a comrade of ours.
He has five strong looking buddies sitting back hollering for their drunk friend to
kill our comrade. However, you are not being bothered or even looked at, you know
that if you try to help your comrade you will be out numbered.
What do you do?

A) Ignore the situation.
B) Walk up behind the drunk man and stab him in the back, then run away.
C) Throw your strongest right hook into the drunkard. When his buddies go to get
up throw a chair at them, then take them on.
D) Yell for them to leave your bud alone.
E) Walk away.
F) Run back to get reinforcments.
G) Take them all on.

- Question Seven -

Tomarrow you are about to go to a battle. A man aproaches you at night and offers
double your pay to put a red cloth on your right arm in the upcoming battle and
turn on your side in the midst of the battle. You know that if you refuse you will
likely be attacked.
What do you do?

A) Accept, thats a good pay.
B) Refuse, and attack the man.
C) Accept, yet when you return to camp you inform your superior about this scheme.
D) Refuse, and run like the wind.
E) Accept, but don't show up to the battle the next day.
F) Accept, when the battle starts the next day don't wear the cloth, enjoying tripple the pay out.

- Question Eight -

Your strike down an enemy. As his last breath escapes him you notice he better equiped
then you are. He also probably has a sizable ammount of money with him.
What do you do?

A) Nothing and respect a dead man.
B) Take it all, what does a dead man need worldy possesions for?
C) Take only what would improve your chances of survival.
D) Search him and take anything that would be valuable.

- Question Nine -

You find out your pay has been cut, when you ask why they tell you that your
not doing enough. However you feel like you are being shorted.
What do you do.?

A) Work harder hoping that they will notice and return your wage.
B) Abandon the group and look for a better paying job.
C) Inform your superiors that they are indeed wrong and should rethink their decision.
D) Show them how hard a worker are by killing them.
E) Sabatoge the project and leave.
F) Inform them of people who are working less harder than you are.

- Question Ten -

Which job fits you best?

A) Carpenter, good with fixing things.
B) Cook, have skill at prepairing food.
C) Guard, handy with a blade.
D) Foreman, good at keep others on task.
E) Blacksmith, can smith weapons and other tools.
F) Strategist, can think on your feet and counter enemy formations.
G) Laboror, you have a strong body and work fast.
H) Scout, good at fitting in in a crowd.
I) Spy, can infiltrait anothers camp and get information out on them.
J) Gatherer, have a good eye and knowlege of the land.
K) Comander, have a comanding presence and knowlege of your men.
L) Messenger, fast on your feet.
M) Hair Cutter, handy with scissors.
N) Recruiter, have a way with words.

- Question Eleven -

What job did you pick? Why?

- Question Twelve -

Whats more important?

A) Life
B) Death
C) Sight
D) Touch
E) Companionship
F) Taste
G) Hearing
H) Friendship
I) Loyalty
J) Trust
K) Strength
L) Intelligence
M) Common Sense
N) Mystery
O) Family
P) Games
Q) Light
R) Darkness
S) Sex
T) Anime/Manga
Q) Money
U) Imagination
V) God
W) Water
X) Food
Y) Animals
Z) Choice

- Question Thirteen -

What did you choose? Why?

- Question Fourteen -

A man charges at you with the intent to kill you.
What do you do?

A) Drop your sword and run like the wind.
B) Stand your ground and meet the attack head on.
C) Sidestep using your oponents momentom against him to throw him off balance
in the hope to creat an opening.
D) Defend while trying to reason with the man.
E) What do you think I'll do? I'll just kill him...
F) Yell Bankai really loud and charge back at him.

- Question Fifteen -

Your arm is stuck in a trap. Not only that but to make matter worse the walls
are closing in slowly. You probably only have another 45 seconds before the
walls completly close and crush you. What do you do?

A) Call for help while tring to get your arm free.
B) Accept death and spend your last 30 seconds repenting your sins.
C) Grab the dagger from your side belt and start hacking away at your arm,
hey how hard can it be to cut through flesh, muscle, and bone in under 45 seconds?
D) Try and position your self so that you can better try and prevent the walls
from closing in on you.
E) Try and recall how the hell you got your arm stuck in a stupid trap, while your
slowly crushed to death.
F) Search for a release lever. What!? This isn't an Indiana Jones movie? Crap.

- Question Sixteen -

A great Mage aproaches you. He offers you one of three things for a price...
Your eternal soul. The ability to fly. The ability to turn invisible. The ability
to walk through walls. What do you do?

A) Refuse! My soul is special I like it! Its a cool color.
B) Accept, The ability to walk through walls will make me rich and untouchable.
I will become a god in my own right!
C) Accept, Invisibility just sounds cool. I'd love to get some revenge on some people.
D) Accept, I've always dreamed of flying. It would have to be the greatet ability ever.
E) Refuse, if I wanna turn invisible I'll just shut off the lights. If I wanna
fly I'll sky dive. If I wanna walk through walls I'll bring a sludge hammer with me.
Great mage!? I think not.

- Question Seventeen -

What makes a better story line?

A) A goblin who is a recovering alcohalic and his best friend a drunken dwarf who
go on adventures trying to thwart the powers of the underworld.
B) A man who stands against the tyranny of the world, his only companion being
his over sized sword.
C) A band of thieves and their leader go on misadventures trying to strike it rich, but
always encounter trouble along the way.
D) The tale of a vampire who is pure evil. Each persons blood he drinks makes him stronger.
The stronger the oponent the stronger he gets. He is always being attack by a secret sect
who try and destroy creatures. (Main charicter is evil but also fights other evil creaturs)
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Quiz Anyone?
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